Deleted Scenes

July 24th, 2009

To steal a page from Deadspin here are some deleted scenes, stuff not good enough to get their own post.

  • One of the first "big" posts we ever had was this tribute to Bob Uecker. We were linked on Deadspin and a lot of people found us for the first time thanks to that post. Originally there was a line in there that said "Bob has a stalker. Somehow I don’t see anyone stalking Ken Harrelson.", but this was later changed. Why? This email:

    To: The Editor of

    Your website posting here:

    Created on February 12, 2009 is posting an expunged record associated with my name as part of a listing. I am asking out of professional courtesy that you please remove it from the article. The allegations that you reference in item ten were false, anyway, and the posting you make can be edited to use something else in item 10.

    Please again, kindly accept this as a business courtesy. It only promotes a false allegation and has referenced expunged information by the WI Dept of Justice.

    That's right, the crazy lady who was accused of stalking Bob Uecker emailed me. I am nothing if not a people pleaser so I changed the line from "Bob has a stalker" to "Bob had a woman follow him to the point that charges were filed (later dropped) and a restraining order was placed against her banning her from contacting Bob or going to any Brewers games" and sent her this email:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. At my website, Miller Park Drunk, we have the highest of journalistic integrity and do not wish to make any false allegations. Please note that nowhere in the article in question is your name mentioned, only a link to another website where your name and picture appear. I wonder how you found my website in the first place with the supposed false allegation since your name is nowhere to be found in the article, but I am glad that you did and I can gladly say that I have corrected the problem and removed any false allegations.

    Here is the link so that you can see for yourself:

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you to make up for these false allegations. I sincerely hope there is no hard feelings.

    Thanks again,
    Editor of Miller Park Drunk

    Strangely, I never heard from her again.

  • We get emails. People wanting to link exchange or get a plug. Normally I'll check out their site, decide if I like it or not and go from there. We also get tweets. The other day we got an @ reply directing us to this article on It was nothing really special and I didn't think much of it. Until I came to this part:

    Names still popping up: Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn and Doug Davis.  Yes, former Brewer Doug Davis.  I don’t know about that. Did you know Jarrod Washburn is from La Crosse and went to UW-Oshkosh? Erik Bedard is from Canada, so a July 1st acquisition would be easy to remember along with his national holiday.

    Which reminded me of the Brewers trade candidates I profiled: Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn and Doug Davis. At the same time it's not like they were a secret. Although our line of "You know he’s from Wisconsin right? He is, he went to UWO and is from La Crosse." and their line of "Did you know Jarrod Washburn is from La Crosse and went to UW-Oshkosh?" are an awful lot a like. Still, no big deal. Then there was this.

    Can we please talk Casey McGehee? His bat is so hot the Kool-Aid Man suffered heatstroke. Wisconsin’s dairy farmers say McGehee’s so hot that their cows have only produced evaporated milk in June.

    Which are two jokes we Doug Davis used verbatim in describing the Arizona heat. Again, no big deal. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. A few days later I got an email from the editor of this site who wanted to link exchange.

    My name is Paul Banks and I founded the more than two years ago back in January 2007. My site, the is a premier sports webzine covering both professional and collegiate teams across the Midwest. I thought that it would be strategic to add your site Miller Park Drunk to my blog roll. In exchange, I would request that you add the to your site. I really admire your site because of your site’s inventive commentaries including the top ten phrases you can yell at the opposing teams, which I find particular funny. I think that together our readers would find the content to be complementary to what they already find on the sites individually.

    From the tone of the email I got the idea that this person didn't read Miller Park Drunk at all and just wanted our promotion. Still, I checked out the site again and in their link roundup (written by the same person who sent me the email) found this link to our site:

    -Yeeshhh! Usually I don’t link to things that suck. But the fact that someone would publish this pathetic piece of racist hate speech is frightening. never even remotely close to anything resembling a sense of humor. Is this guy in the KKK?

    The post in question is the Brandon Jennings interview, which only used ACTUAL THINGS that Brandon Jennings REALLY SAID (on tape no less). You would think the premier sports webzine covering both professional and collegiate teams in the Midwest would know about something newsworthy the Milwaukee Bucks #1 draft pick did and not randomly accuse people of being racist.

    I realize now that I never did get back to him so to answer your questions: No I won't link exchange with you, no I am not in the KKK and yes your site is absolute crap.

  • Who does JJ look like?

    Hi Miller Park Drunk,

    My mom seems to think that JJ Hardy and Jeffrey Donovan (of TV’s “Burn Notice”) were separated at birth. See attached – what do you think? Maybe you could ask your loyal readers for their opinion.

    JJ jeffD3

    I always thought he looked more like Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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12 comments on “Deleted Scenes

  1. nwest33 on said:

    Whoa, what? That’s a woman?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    In reading the piece at deadspin, it looks like some of that was things Joe Budden or Joe Madden of Joel Madden or WHOEVER said, and not Brandon Jennings. And since you were still lifting quotes to use them out of context that was still pretty dicey and a fairly poor use of judgement.

  3. Miller Park Drunk on said:

    No, every single word used was said by Jennings. Took me about 2 seconds to double check that. Dicey? Poor use of judgement? Using quotes out of context? That would be the point, thanks. this is not.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Actually, that’s not true again, and it took two seconds to recheck that AGAIN. First quote was misquoted, second quote was by Joe Budden. He said it about Luke Ridnour.

  5. Miller Park Drunk on said:

    You’re right. My mistake. I left out the “To ” and the second one is Budden, don’t know how I missed that (twice). This clearly proves this site to be racist hate speech without a sense of humor.

  6. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t know about racist, but definitely without a sense of humor if you can’t figure out why the previous exchange was kinda funny…

  7. Citizens Bank Park Drunk on said:

    ^^ could use a South Philly jaw breaker. They’re just butt hurt this is a better blog.

  8. Anonymous on said:

    DAMMIT! This is what I get for actually studying today: nwest33 took my comment.

    Are the clips from Paul Banks direct quotes? If so, he may want to get a better grasp on the English language before soliciting other blogs to exchange links.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    JJ does look like Mac from Its Always Sunny…finally others are saying what I have said for the last few years!

  10. Anonymous on said:

    The Brewers could qualify as one giant deleted scene the last 8 weeks. Guess it’s all about the tailgating the rest of the year.

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