Miller Park Drunk Grill Walk 2009

September 29th, 2009

Once a website or a person gets a certain amount of success and influence in the world, they tend to want to give back to the community (unless they're a real asshole). You see this all over the place. Actors, musicians, bloggers, all doing stuff for free and the proceeds going to a worthy cause. I think that I've reached the point in my career where it's my turn to give back to the community, but what should I give back to? Cancer? Been done. AIDs? Done. Homelessness? No thanks.

You see when I give back, I want it to be something that really matters to me. Something near and dear to my heart. Something like... tailgating, but how do I give back to tailgating? Well, let's have my dear friend from Wisconsin Sports Tap explain.

Let me start by highlighting three occurrences that happened in my trip to Miller Park for the last time in 2009.  While tailgating before Saturday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies, I had the distinct privilege of being sandwiched between multiple tickets and arrests.  I'll let the public decide which was more interesting.

The first of these two was in front of us.  Apparently a small group FIBs had some issues with selling counterfeit Brewer merchandise.  I wasn't watching closely enough to see what exactly was being sold, but there were several individually wrapped items that Miller Park personnel as well as the Milwaukee Police Department took issue with.  I distinctly heard the words "We'll let the brewers lawyers take care of them."

Second, immediately behind us there were some terrific underage consumers of alcohol.  So immediately after finishing with the counterfeiters, the Motorcycle Cop turned, walked his bike past us, and started carding 18-year-olds.  I think he was thankful for the fact that they had a table set up for their tailgating because he was able to sit down and use it while he was writing out his tickets.

Finally, there was another bizarre sequence once inside the stadium, again not directly at us.  A woman, we'll say around the age of thirty, spent about an inning screaming into the Phillies bullpen first for "Andrew" than for Scott Eyre (There is no player or coach named Andrew that would be in the Phil's bullpen) and she also yelled about "Toronto."  I'll let you deduce what she was getting at but as they say, "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned."

On to the meat and potatoes though.  If you've tailgated at Miller Park, you've either left your grill out when you went in for the game or you know someone who has.  And why not?  Everybody does it, there are countless grills sitting on the bumpers of cars in the parking lot, nearly all of which are better than the Smokey Joe weber grill that I've had since college.  So in we went, grill cooling just behind my brother's car.

And after the game we came out, quite elated after a Ryan Braun walkoff home run (you really can't ask for a better finish to your last live game of the season) and when we got to the car.... No grill.  And it had been gone for a while, I asked the couple that had parked behind us who were in their car and they hadn't seen anyone even walk near our car since we got there.  So there I was, Grill-less.  It was the biggest bring-down after a walk-off win since I got a speeding ticket after Carlos Lee walked off against the Indians a few years back.

Not fair I say.  A new grill is out of sight for me, if you follow me on twitter (@MillerParkNorth) you probably know that I had been living in Minnesota and had lost my job last spring.  So, for the last several months I've been an unemployed sports reporter (likely to never be a sports reporter again if you know the industry).  Luckily, my wife got a new job and we moved back to Madison last weekend, just in time to see the Brewers play in their last series of the season.  So where's the love karma? It's not like I spilled beer on a pregnant woman...

It was a good little grill, and I will surely miss it.

Wow, that sucks. I'm not kidding you, I read that story and I got a small tear in my eye. I haven't let the waterworks loose like that since I watched The Notebook. I truly feel bad for this guy and I know that we, as a community, can give back to him. We can buy him back his beloved Smokey Joe grill!

I did a little digging on the internet and found this grill on amazon which from my judgement is the exact same grill he lost. This grill is currently available for $29.70 including shipping. Now, I will put in the first $10 which from my estimation is 2x everything I have ever made off this site and I am calling on YOU dear reader to take care of the rest.

Why should you donate? Donate for every brat you've ever eaten in a tailgate. Donate for every burger you've dropped between the grate (this is why I chose $10). Donate for every burned hot dog, charcoal smelling shirt and everything else. Donate because you know how pissed you would be. This dude had his grill stolen after one of the best memory Brewer games of the year. Give him a break. He's going to be working at Cousins in two months, let's buy him a grill.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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2 comments on “Miller Park Drunk Grill Walk 2009

  1. nkluedke on said:

    I live in Madison (State Street, actually), and the guys that lived next door to us moved out in August and left a Smokey Joe out back. He can have it!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    How much have you raised for the Grill Walk? I donated!

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