To all da haterz

March 3rd, 2009

Anthony Witrado: retard(Editor's Note: It seems as though local Brewers beat writer Anthony Witrado has had enough of the local blogosphere's picking on his writing. That's why he's here to defend himself.)

To all da haterz:

Yo, this yo boy the original A-Dub A.K.A. Stone Cold Killa A.K.A. Brewers beat writer Anthony Witrado and I am tired of y'alls bullsh*t. Its like, everyones gots a problem with my grammar and spelling and shit. Look, I ain't no English major. When I was in college I always skipped that stupid class to go party and sleep with girls, something readers of my mailbag probably know nothing about lol. And sometimes I say the Dodgers when I mean the Angels or mispell a pitchers name, to that I say .. uh... WHO CARES? Baseball is boring anyways, it's not like it matters who the Brew is playin or whose pitching for the other team. It's spring training man, nobody cares! I just file my reports as quick as possible so i can hit up the Maryvale scene. (I met this fine little shorty the other night at an 18 and up club, she had them apple bottom jeans boots with the fur (lol!). She said she had to get home before curfew, but I got her digits You Know.. hahaha.) If you want like real baseball news, like whose pitching and whos playing don't go to JSOnline! Go to like or whatever it is and get that info. I got better things to do, ya know?

The thing that bugs me da most about all this is that y'all are just jealous of me. Look at that pic at the top of this post. THAT ME WITH TRENNI. You may remember her from Fox Sports and now shes workin at the MLB TV Station. Yeah, that's how I roll. And sometimes me and Ryan Braun (ALLSTAR) just hang out and talk about our favorite clothes and stuff. He's even gonna hook me up with one of his new shirts. I can't decide what hat fits best with it tho, should I go U of Miami, COCKS or black on black Yankees? I'm thinkin Yankees all da way. That's why everyone hates on me, because I am the best writer in Milwaukee. Not some lame blog who thinks they know stuff, me. I talk to the players and I get paid for it. While I'm thinking of what hat I should wear slightly to the side with my new Ryan Braun shirt, you dorks are in your moms basement trying to figure out what Miller product to drink or like what cheese to eat.

MY FINAL WORD: I write for the Journal Sentinel and get paid. You live in your moms basement and write blogs. I am from the West Coast (makes W with fingers). You are from here. I know everything. You don't. So stop hating people. You want your Brewers info you come to me and then shut up and like it.

A-dub. Out.

2 comments on “To all da haterz

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    Yo A-dub, too bad Trenni looks like a 30 year old version of my grandma.. Nice, you talk about clothes fag? Maybe you should go be a male model or some shit.. O wait, too bad they don’t take people who look like ants on crack for those jobs.. One last thing..

    “When I was in college I always skipped that stupid class”, “I know everything”, yeah those two don’t exactly go together.. Maybe you should get a real job instead of ripping on random nobodies that somehow bug you.. Some Random Drunk. Out.

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