What are these people smoking?

October 1st, 2009

Dumb Brewers fan in a Favre Brewers jerseyJust checked out the always enjoyable for all the wrong reasons Anthony Witrado chat from last week and seriously, what is wrong with you people? Are you stoned? I do not like Anthony Witrado, this is well known, but I am starting to think that A-dub is just Charles Manson and the people who participate in these chats are the ones out killing people. Look at some of these questions, it is not pretty.

Q: Michael, Chicago - Thanks for all of your hard work this season Anthony.

Work? He's talking about the time he spends in the mirror adjusting his hat sideways right?

Q: stu pidasso, westallica - hi anthony. just for fun, let's pretend you're doug melvin.

WHY? WHY DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA? I've got a better one. Let's pretend you are David Carradine. Here's a belt.

Q: Justink8996 - Do you guys have an update on Alcides "baby mama" drahma? Kinda hard to root for a guy who is a dead beat dad? Guess it would be pretty awkward as a journalist to even ask him about it? "Oh Alcides by the way...."

Is it kinda hard to root for a dead beat dad? Are you asking him? Are you confused on if it is or isn't hard? While we're asking questions, how hard is is to spell "drama"? It isn't hard? Guess it would pretty tough to use spell check?

Q: Jeremiah , Waukesha - who would win in a fight, you or Tom ?

That's easy. If either were hurt or unable to write, we would. If both were fired for conduct detrimental to the JS, America would.

Q: Ted Stryker - Anthony, great job on the Brewers coverage as always. Since you played professional baseball and therefore must have at least a basic understanding of the baseball swing, I was wondering if you have seen any mechanical changes in Jody Gerut's swing resulting in his improved performance at the plate in the 2nd half of the season.

First of all, STOP SAYING THAT. He doesn't do a great job, you just don't have anything to compare him to so you falsely believe that the job he is doing must be good. It's like when you go through the drive-thru, do you think that person is doing a good job? You wouldn't know unless you went through another drive-thru and that person offered you ketchup. Then you'd be like this drive-thru worker is better than that one. The JS coverage is like that, if you went through the other 30 drive-thrus in the majors you would figure out that, no, he isn't doing a good job.

Second of all, it's never a good idea to ask the failed baseball player who people can't find a record of ever actually playing in the minor leagues what a MAJOR LEAGUE player is doing wrong. It's like asking the Happy Youngster for advice on getting laid.

Q: KM - What are the chances Escobar and Gamel get traded for some pitching and or a pitcher?

This is ridiculous. Do me a favor KM, never read this site. You aren't allowed. You are too stupid.

Q: Rick - If the Brewers could sign Lopez for three years to play 2B, would you trade Weeks for Milton " I hate the Cubs" Bradley, granting that the Cubs pick up some of his contract?

Great idea. Let's overpay for a minimal upgrade at 2B and trade one of our cheaper, team controlled talents for more salary. (I realize that Lopez over Weeks is popular among the fans, but it's not going to happen so let's just shut up about it already. This means you Tony W who replied to this question with "I'd trade Weeks but in no way would it be for Milton Bradley. No chance. First, the team needs pitching, which Weeks can bring back." Really A-dub? Teams are going to give up a Major League quality starter for a 2B with an injury history that missed almost the entire season? Later he said Weeks wouldn't be his starting 2B if they could re-sign Lopez despite. Cut. It. Out.)

Q: abear, Plover, WI - Any talk of keeping Hardy and moving him to center? As you know, the franchise has a great example of a young all-star SS becoming a HOF center-fielder; maybe Yount would even be available to coach Hardy on making the adjustment. Thoughts?

Congratulations KM you now have company in the "banned from reading Miller Park Drunk club." Collect your scorn on your way out.

Q: Roger Murdock, Glendale, CA - I really think the Brewers need to get their best players on the field next year. How about moving Braun to CF, Gamel to LF, Hardy to RF and having McGehee start at 3rd and Escobar at SS. Hart's skills would net a front line pitcher in a trade. I can't believe Melvin doesn't see this easy fix. If he doesn't do that he should be gone. Your take?

Do people really think like this? Am I the crazy one? I find myself agreeing with A-dub here so there is a good chance I've lost my mind. What color is the sky? I swear to God it's blue.

(By the way, A-dub shoots down the idea that Hart could net a starting pitcher when he earlier said that Weeks could. What's the difference between these two exactly?)

Q: Bob, Juneau wi - With the Brewers having some good looking pitching prospects in the lower minors would it make sense for the Brewers to try and trade for a quality pitcher with only one year left on his contract?

Looks like someone's been watching more than the games in Appleton.You should see his later question about the sexy second base prospect and that adorable outfielder.

Q: greg, franklin - Beside Jody Gerut, who is the worst baseball player of all time?

Good one. Here's a better one, letting Mike Cameron go and having Gerut start in CF next year.

/bangs head on keyboard

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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4 comments on “What are these people smoking?

  1. Anonymous on said:

    this jew-stink (Justink8996) guy asked like 300 questions that were answered.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    A week later… Anthony, is this your blog? How did you miss that Ted Stryker “Airplane” reference? I suppose I would have missed it too if Emmett Fitz-hume didn’t hadn’t tipped me off.

    Peace out,

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I’ll take Jody Gerut over corey patterson any day

  4. Anonymous on said:

    if we’re gonna put our best players on the field, i think we would be foolish not to have gallardo in the outfield

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