Is it still proper to wear my Prince Fielder jerseys to Miller Park? My view is he gave so many great years of his career here, and many memorable moments. Obviously, one of the top Brewers of All-Time. So I say I am ok with wearing them, and I wouldn't pass judgement on others who do the same (but really people, the John Jaha ones have to go). What are your views on this MPD? - John

Is this a joke? Prince Fielder is a Detroit Tiger. The ink on his contract isn't even fresh and you want to honor his contributions to the team? Get a grip. Save that shit til 2020 when they give him a bobblehead and add him to the Walk of Fame.

I think people who think it's okay with wearing the jerseys of people who leave the team (the very next season, no less) are the same kind of people who think it's better to be friends with your ex instead of never talking to them again. What's the point? We got what we wanted out of them, had some good times and then things went south and you moved on. Prince Fielder is a Detroit Tiger, he doesn't love you anymore, it's time to move on.

Is it ever okay to wear the old logo with the new logo? - Ms Pyne

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Hell no.

I realize that both of the logo's colors are roughly blue and yellow, but all colors are not created equally. While we all appreciate the idea of someone being dressed head to toe in the colors of our favorite team, it just doesn't work when you mix logos.

If Ryan Braun is found innocent and allowed to roam LF all year - will you wear Spants and a sweater vest to opening day? -detassler

Spants? No. A sweater vest? Hell yes. Screw wearing Brewers gear. This year I'm going all-in on trying to get laid in a bathroom on Opening Day. I will do these by looking dapper as f***. Seriously ladies, have you ever had sex with a Gap ad? Opening Day 2012 you will have your chance.

what about Gallardo? whats my shirtsey say about me? - Karmyn

Been getting a lot of these. Apparently I needed to do a shirsey for everyone who has ever worn a Brewers jersey ever. Challenge accepted!

  • Yovanni Gallardo: You are a lot like the Brewers front office. You know he's good and he's going to be around for awhile, but you're not quite ready to commit to a jersey/bobblehead. 2012 changes all of that.
  • Jeff Cirillo: You hate Seattle and think grunge music is stupid.
  • Brian Shouse: What music a player comes out of the bullpen to has more of an impact on your shirsey purchases than what he does on the mound.
  • Frank Catalanotto: See Shouse, Brian. TONNIIIGGHHTT
  • David Nilsson: Huge Crocodile Dundee fan and your favorite band is Men at Work.
  • Ruben Quevedo: You comment on Brew Crew Ball a lot.
  • Richie Sexson: You also own his 2002 and 2003 All-Star shirseys. Sexson fans go all out.
  • Scott Podsednik: A small part of you misses the days when the Brewers sucked, but you would never admit it to your friends. 
  • Braden Looper: I would say nobody owns this one, but I'm sure some dummy in the comments will say they do. 
  • Carlos Gomez: You don't care what anyone thinks. You're one of those people without a twitter avatar so nobody knows if you are real or a spammer.
  • Russell Branyan: respect.
  • Jose Hernandez: Strikeouts don't bother you that much.
  • Geoff Jenkins: Confused why they haven't retired his number yet.
  • Derrick Turnbow: You really, really, really haven't been paying attention lately.
  • Zack Greinke: The near perfect shirsey. I don't picture him re-signing long term making him the poster boy for shirsey purchases.
  • Johnny Estrada: You are single and you HATE Jason Kendall.
  • Carlos Lee: You've never missed a Cerveceros day and you never will.
  • Chris Capuano: You think all those losses were really Ned Yost's fault.
  • Jeromy Burnitz: There is a good chance you own Forward Fabrics.
  • Bob Uecker: You don't know that Bob Uecker never played for the Brewers. SMH!
  • Lyle Overbay: Your parents always taught you to keep a positive attitude no matter what. That's how you convinced yourself that Lyle Overbay was really awesome and you should wear his shirsey with pride.
  • Aramis Ramirez: You don't like Cubs fans. Maybe a bit too much.
  • Felipe Lopez: You were briefly excited last season and now feel mostly ashamed.

Is it cool to look like Corey Hart? He seems to know how to look like a Civil War soldier from the south. Im just not sure if thats cool or not. - Cal

It is very cool. The coolest. I think every guy should do their best to look exactly like him on Opening Day 2012.

Why is Corey Hart wearing this sweater? - Jamie

I have no idea why anyone wore what they wore to that playoff rally. It's almost like a Brewers PR person decided that they should dress each player. I picture them getting out of the shower and their clothes are laid out in front of their locker like mine were when I was a kid.

As for Corey specifically I can only assume that someone in the front office decided that Corey Hart offends the fans with his tattoos enough during the season and that they would give us a brief reprieve for this rally by making him wear a long sleeve shirt. Only problem was they didn't have any in house that fit him so they took this one they got out of the Miller Park Lost & Found.

what's your opinion of a high maintenance woman wearing a bustier Brewer top and a bitchy personality? - asecretiskeep

Sounds like someone I'd date. Especially the bitchy personality part. Tell her to hit me up on Opening Day.

How do you feel about hats and apparel that is off team color, like black, red, pink etc? It annoys the shit out of me. - Second Hand Store

This seems like a question for Stephanie. Steph, what say you?

Hats and apparel of another color are the fucking worst. Yeah yeah you ARE wearing Brewer shit but you might as well not be because you obviously know nothing about baseball or the Brewers. Oh but the pink stuff benefits breast cancer!? Well, coming from a chick with two (kind of) breasts it is not worth looking like an stupid asshole. Buy some of that yogurt with the pink ribbon on it or do a walk for breast cancer instead. You are doing yourself no favors wearing a baby pink Braun jersey while eating your Dip N Dots, you look like a twat.

you forgot braun's outfit (and hair) when he appeared on TV just after they announced he won the MVP - Leah

You mean this one?

This sounds like a job for the Fashion Police! Steph take it away.

Steph: So average looking, (probably) non-baseball understanding twats, this right here is attractive?? Really this is the type of shit that gets those panties all worked into a tizzy? Get a grip. Braun looks like he is sweaty, disshelved, and hungover. Maybe he has been drinking to deal with the stress of his appeal. Now I am picturing him on Intervention and him spelling out his name, admitting he is an alcoholic. Oh so back to the outfit, it looks like shit and his hair makes me gag.

Vince: First of all, I'd like to thank Stephanie and Tyler for helping me get through this week. Even if I've been getting angry messages from Steph's boyfriend asking me to stop sending her pictures of Ryan Braun and the mere mention of the word fashion sends Tyler into convulsion, I think it was probably worth it. Good job guys.

Now, onto this outfit. Again, I think you are probably being a bit too hard on Ryan Braun. You shouldn't judge him on the same fashion scale that you would judge someone like Johnny Depp. Ryan needs his own special scale. It looks something like this:

Plus, I kinda dig the sport coat. I don't know, maybe it's just the Ryan Braun scale blinding my judgement.

As for Ryan Braun's hair well I guess we'll just have to cover that next week during......


Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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6 comments on “MPD answers your fashion questions

  1. Kyle Lobner on said:

    I used to own a Looper shirsey, and the Brewers got hot immediately after I ended it.

  2. SconnieGirl808 on said:

    THANK YOU, STEPH!!! Both for the hatred of incorrectly-colored team gear AND for the Ryan Braun analysis. I mean honestly – the kid is NOT ATTRACTIVE. At all. Is he a successful baseball player? Yeah, and I guess that puts a much more favorable lens on Braun than even beer goggles can.


  3. k, i agree with steph 1 and 1/2 times. absolutely hate the incorrect color gear but i this braun is hot. not the recent braun where he looks like he hasnt bothered with a shower or razor for 5 months, but the braun where he looked like he gave a shit about how he looked. and you said twat… loved that!!!

  4. disgustingbastard on said:

    I think Rock should lend that hat to Brauny when he has to make his speech about winning his appeal.

  5. Jim's Timeout on said:

    In this economy wearing Prince Fielder gear is still acceptable.

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