The Fashion Police return to take on Ryan Braun's Remetee!

Tyler: Like a parent who's too disappointed in their child to even bother getting angry at them anymore, I won't even bother mounting an attack on Ryan for this particular outfit. Instead, I'm going to simply ask questions in hopes both of you can help me find any explanation for Ryan Braun to be dressed this way.

A.) Do people actually wear wristwatches still? I use my cell phone to tell what time it is/show people how little money I make.
B.) Is the gray under shirt really necessary? It's not like it helps tie any part of the outfit together.
C.) Does Ryan design the Remetee shirts? If not, has the responsible party been fired (both from their position and from a cannon into a bottomless sulfur pit) yet?
D.) Does anyone know where I can not pick up a Remetee? Instead of trying to look good wearing one, I've decided avoiding looking bad by not wearing one is way easier.
E.) Are Brewers players contractually obligated to wear long-sleeved collared dress shirts underneath t-shirts at off-field functions? I heard a rumor they were, though, that rumor came from me.

Please enlighten me. My brain and eyes hurt.

Stephanie: I, like many people, have tried to forget about this outfit but yet it remains tattooed in my brain. I remember when I first saw the pictures from this event where Braun and his teammates, all of which I think are no longer Brewers, all dressed in these hideous tees with long sleeve shirts underneath them. Words cannot describe how much I despise Jersey Shore shirts such as the one Braun is wearing here, not to mention all of the horse shit clothing he puts his name on. However, for some reason people love these trashy types of shirts.

Why do people think shirts with crap like dragons, wings and crosses are stylish? They are awful and make you look like you have chlamydia. Which certainly does explain why Braun would endorse them.

Vince: Hey, do you guys remember Hyper Color shirts? You know the ones that were like blue, but then you blew hot air on them and they changed to like orange or something? These shirts kind of remind me of those, only if something went horribly wrong and you drew a dragon on it. I miss those shirts. Which poses the question: in ten-fifteen years do you think that anyone will "miss" Remetee/Affliction shirts? Will these ever be considered "retro"? And if so what can we do to stop it?

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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2 comments on “The many styles of Ryan Braun, part two

  1. Who really cares what the man wears.

  2. Goose Hintzman on said:

    I love the Hebrew Hammer but its amazing to me that he dresses like he is auditioning for jersey shore. Ryan’s t-shirt looks like after birth and Sunday morning vomit after a night of drinking Jägermeister.

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