Is the MPD Pants Party Worth IT?

If you were to ask me if it was worth it to go to the Miller Park Drunk Pants Party on Sunday July 27th, I would answer your question with a series of questions. Do you like baseball? Do you like having fun? Do you like tailgating? Do you like hanging out with like minded people in a parking lot before a baseball game? Do you like keg beer and grill food? If the answer to these questions is yes then the Pants Party is worth it for you. You will have a good time and you should just buy a ticket right now.

But what if you were to ask me, on a dollars and cents level, if the Pants Party was worth it? I'd say that I think so. I'd say that I know it is cheaper than some Milwaukee area bars who hold similar events and give you a bus ride to the park, but then make you pay for drinks in the parking lot. I know that, but I don't really know. I've never done the math. So let's do the math right now.


Okay, so the Pants Party is Sunday July 27th. Let's say you and a friend want to go to that particular game. Our tickets are in Terrace Reserved so let's get two tickets in terrace reserved. ppmoney1

Non-Pants Party Cost Per Person: $24.25
PP CPP: $36
PP CPP: $41 (w/tshirt)

If you just want to go to the game, get there ten minutes before it starts and go in, then the Pants Party probably isn't for you. Sorry.

But that's not you, is it? You want to tailgate. You want to enjoy the parking lot and cook some food. That stuff costs more money.

ppmoney2 ppmoney3 ppmoney5

Lucky for you this stuff is on sale. Six brats, six buns and charcoal only costs $10.99.

Non-Pants Party Cost Per Person: $25.74
PP CPP: $36
PP CPP: $41 (w/tshirt)

Hopefully, you have mustard/stadium sauce in the fridge that you don't have to buy. Also, you're just having brats. No homemade meatballs or brat pizzas like the Pants Party will have. Or chips or sides or anything, but you can do this pretty cheap.

BUT WAIT! We forgot beer! Gotta get some of that.  ppmoney4

Mmmmmm, Bud Light Lime. A cold version of the warm taste of piss with the added citrus of lime. And it's on sale!

NPP CPP: $30.89
PP CPP: $36
PP CPP: $41 (w/tshirt)

Now, those six beers are all the two of you are going to get. You won't get a fruit infused margarita or all-you-can-drink keg beer like you will at the Pants Party, but you can do it for less than the Pants Party.

Of course, for another $5.11 you would also get a sticker, a koozie and a commemorative cup at the Pants Party. Plus, the aforementioned all-you-can-eat food and all-you-can-drink keg beer AND access to tailgate games AND social interaction with a large group of like minded people. For only $5.11 more than you were going to spend anyways.

Oh, and the Brewers are awesome right now and you're probably going to be feeling good about the team at the game. So good, in fact, that you're going to want to get a t-shirt. You both are. Something you can buy and remember the average day you had. A cool shirt you can wear in public and not just at baseball games. Something like....


NPP CPP: $61.14
PP CPP: $41 (w/tshirt)

Or you could just come to the Pants Party, get this shirt and call it a (successful) day.


Your call.


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Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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