For three out of the past four years there has been a party at Miller Park unlike any other, a party that has changed the lives of the people who attended and a party that took tailgating to levels that were previously unimaginable to the human liver. They called it the Pants Party for reasons they can't quite remember and over time it began to take on its own meaning. It was a place where fun and baseball and friendship and drinking came together to create an amazing time and memory in the hearts and minds of the attendees. Each year it grew bigger, each year it became better. It was the highlight of the summer for many and a good time for all, but like all things in this life it has come to...

The End


DATE: Sunday July 27, 2014
GAME: 1:10 vs Mets
TAILGATE: 10am maybe? As soon as they let me in, basically.
PRICE: $36-41

As always we will have all the delicious food you could possibly want. In Pants Party history we have cooked nearly 250 brats, had a five course racing sausage themed meal, created a bratwurst pizza and polish sausage pizza, as well as offered a wide variety of locally made sausages with unique and interesting flavors. This year will be no different as we set to deliver yet another next level tailgating dining experience.

There will also be plenty to drink. Kegs of beer with a local flavor as well as the universally beloved cheap domestic option will be plentiful. In the past we have also offered Stadium Sauce Bloody Marys and John Dalys for the non-beer drinker. This year we plan to take things to the next level once again by offering our own liquor infusions. Margaritas?


Everyone attending will receive the official 2014 Pants Party t-shirt, a Miller Park Drunk beer koozie, a sticker and a commemorative The End cup. These will be cool. Very cool.

Finally, we will also be crowing the first ever Miller Park Drunk Champion in an event that will test skill, strength, smarts and drinking ability. Do you have what it takes? Or do you just want to laugh at the people who think they do?

All in all it should be the best tailgate of the summer (again). Don't miss it.

PACKAGE #1: $41

  • Game ticket
  • T-shirt
  • Beer koozie
  • Commemorative cup
  • Sticker
  • All the food and drink

PACKAGE #2: $36

  • Game ticket
  • Beer koozie
  • Commemorative cup
  • All the food and drink


Yes, Saturday. Everyone always asked why we threw our party on Sunday and not Saturday as it made their work day on Monday tough. Well, Sundays were cheaper and the games were always early. This year that first part was not the case and we figured we should listen to our audience. Your work day Monday will still probably be tough.

What happened to Saturday?
The Pants Party is not an easy thing to pull off and honestly, I need help with it. A lot of those people who help me couldn't make it on Saturday July 12th and I was afraid the Party would suffer because of it. On top of that there were a lot of people who have been to a party before who couldn't make it because of the date and that made me sad. I want everyone to have the chance to go. I realize that this date might turn some previous yeses into nos, but I think in the long run this date is the best one for us. While also being one that will allow the most people to come and have fun.

Are the Brewers giving anything away?
YES! They are giving away a Jim Henderson bobblehead!

Why is it more expensive?
Ask the Brewers. In the past there was more of a savings between Marquee and non-Marquee games. I was also able to deflect some of the price hikes by purchasing tickets under face on StubHub, but thanks to the team being good and a desire for everyone to sit together I wasn't able to do that. I think this is still one of the best deals out there and we're not trying to get rich off of you. (I've seen bars charge $45 for similar packages that make you pay for drinks.) You'd be a fool to miss it.

What is this Miller Park Drunk Champion thing? Do I get a belt if I win?
The answer to the second question is yes.

Are you going to take your pants off and do a keg stand again?
I sincerely hope not. (Probably, yes.)

What if I already have a game ticket?

The Cardinals? What are you trying to do to me?
Our revenge will be sweet. If not, we'll have lots of alcohol.

The Mets?

Are you ever going to blog again?
Lay off. I'm trying to plan a party.

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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