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April 24th, 2012

For some reason this season at Miller Park they have large dispensers for ketchup and mustard, but not Stadium Sauce which are only found in bottles. I am not sure of the reason, but I have a feeling it has something to do with Yovani Gallardo's haircut. Talking with friends about this injustice of condiments got me thinking. Why do we only use stadium sauce with our brats? Shouldn't there be more uses for this wonderful condiment beyond grilled meat? For the answer we turned to MPD's culinary expert and the the only reader who ever made me cupcakes: lizconsin, who has crafted some recipes for us. Take it away, Liz.

If you’ve ever stood at the Secret Stadium Sauce dispenser at Miller Park, trying to put it on every food item in your hand without setting down your beer, I don't need to tell you anything about Stadium Sauce because you already know.  If you’ve ever done this routine with a Bloody Mary in hand and thought "…that could work”, you should probably call me some time. But for the uninitiated here are some things about Stadium Sauce that you should know before we move forward:

  • It’s not barbecue sauce.  SSS is reminiscent of ketchup mixed with a little bit of everything else on the condiment table.  It has a tomato base, but is not as thick, sweet or tangy as other barbecue-style sauces.
  • It never has to be refrigerated, even after opening.
  • It’s a Miller Park staple, but you don’t have to maneuver through the team shop between innings to find a bottle.  It’s available in grocery stores around Wisconsin.
  • Bob Costas loves it.

Of course, it’s amazing on a brat or a hot dog at the park, but here are a few ideas for using SSS at home.

All recipes use the “throw it in ‘til it looks right” system of measurement.

Secret Stadium Sauce Quesadillas

Chicken, diced or shredded
Secret Stadium Sauce
Large flour tortillas
Shredded Monterey Jack cheese
Diced red onion
Jalapenos, seeded and diced
Hot sauce, if desired

Tips: After the chicken is cooked through and shredded or diced, throw it back in the pan with enough SSS to coat.  Let it hang out over low heat while you prep your other ingredients.  The ingredients listed are only suggestions.  Do whatever you want.  Quesadillas are like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of food.  Do keep in mind that SSS does not have the same zip as barbecue sauce.  Its tomato-ness really comes through, especially when you cook with it, so I recommend adding some raw ingredients and extra sauce when assembling.

I also wanted to make these as tailgate-friendly as possible, so I made the first batch on the grill.  It technically works, but I found that I prefer my quesadillas to have full contact with a buttered pan. Either way, they only need to be heated until all of the cheese is melted.

Cocktail Weiners 

Package of cocktail wieners (Li’l Smokies)
Secret Stadium Sauce
Grape jelly

These are a game day staple.  They can be kept in the slow-cooker all day for parties or made quickly on the stovetop.  Just mix the SSS and jelly together (I probably used about a cup of SSS and ¾ cup of jelly), then add your sausages and warm through.  The longer it cooks, the thicker and better the sauce will be.


Stadium Sauce Blue Cheese Dip (with bell pepper Bernie mustaches)

Blue cheese dressing (or ranch if you prefer)
Stadium Sauce

Add a couple of tablespoons of Stadium Sauce to a bowl of blue cheese dressing. That's it. I garnished mine with bell pepper Bernie mustaches, but that was mostly because it looked cool.

Works great as a veggie dip or also goes well as a topping on burgers.

Bloody Mary 

Secret Stadium Sauce passes the test of the ultimate condiment: You can put it in your booze.

This is a recipe that has been passed down in my family for generations and this is the first time that it has been shared outside of our family so I hope you appreciate me sharing it here.

Step 1. Make a Bloody Mary
Step 2. Put Secret Stadium Sauce in Bloody Mary
Step 3. ??????
Step 4. Profit

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lizconsin is the official culinary expert of Miller Park Drunk. She is a college student and Brewers fan who also enjoys British television. You should try her Wisconsin Egg Rolls.


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  1. That Lizconsin kid is brilliant !

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