Brandon Jennings and the Bucks

November 17th, 2009

According to an extremely small sample size of my twitter followers the Bucks aren't quite back, but Brandon Jennings definitely has their attention. Following one player over the rest of the team seems about par for the course for an NBA team so this isn't very surprising. Personally I make no qualms about liking the Bucks now specifically because of this one player so I don't really have a problem with it. He's awesome and it's certainly better than not liking the Bucks at all right? But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that while this sort of behavior is perfectly acceptable for you and me maybe the rest of the Bucks players don't feel the same way. Everyone I talk to says that the past few games at the Bradley Center have been the loudest they have been to in years and it's all because of this one guy. That can't do much for Andrew Bogut's self esteem, right? Then again, what do I know about the Bucks locker room? It's not like I have ever been inside of it, recording their conversations and dictating them on the internet. OR HAVE I.

brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: Man this is awesome, 5-3! You know if the season ended today we'd be in the playoffs! Is it always like this?
michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: No, not at all.
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: We haven't won more than 40 games since my rookie year when I was the first overall draft pick.
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: lol stfu, you weren't #1 overall. That draft had Chris Paul, Danny Granger and Deron Williams in it.
michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: No, he was. Believe me. We won 40 games that season and it was magical.
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: You should be thanking me Brandon! If they didn't take me #1 overall they might have taken Chris Paul and you wouldn't even be here right now.
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: Yeah, but you still had these awesome fans right? The Bradley Center was poppin' last night, it's always been that way hasn't it?
michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: No. I haven't seen that many people at one of our games since we held that flea market at half time.
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: Oh, I remember that! I got a great deal on the Crocodile Dundee trilogy, scored 10 points, I hi-fived myself and we only lost by 37! One of my fondest memories as a Buck. Well, besides the time I was drafted #1 overall and the time I signed a 5 year $72.5 million dollar extension.
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: You make $72.5 million dollars? Really?
michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: /bangs head on wall
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: Yeah, and I spend it wisely unlike you arrogant black players who spend tons of money and have lots of girlfriends and all that.
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: What the f@%* did you just say?
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: It's "aight" homie, you know you are still my "nigga."
brandonjenningshead YoungBuck3: Motherf--
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: No, no it's okay. I know a lot you people come from the ghetto.
michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: Andrew, I know you mean well and all but PLEASE STOP TALKING.
lukeridnourhead Frodo: wassup guys
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: Not much my Ary--
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: OH! MY! GODDDDDD!!!
lukeridnourhead Frodo: lol whats he so crazy about? did he just watch clips of himself on youtube or sumthin?
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: /shakes Luke Ridnour's hand

Dude, I am a HUGE fan. It's so great to meet you. I've seen all your work.

michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: Are you being serious right now? You know you're black right?
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: Bitch, of course I'm serious! Haven't you seen Juno!? This is the guy! "She ain't givin' you the stinkeye, that's just how her face looks." Hahaha! Man, that movie cracks my shit up!
lukeridnourhead Frodo: ummm i'm not michael cera, i'm luke ridnour. your teammate? i scored 17 points and had 6 assists last night? i'm your primary backup and the only other guard who is able to make a shot with any sort of consistency? remember?
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: For real though, that movie Nick & Norah? Made me cry for real tears. You're a great actor, man. If I went to bars, I'd totally want to hit them up with you.
ilyasovahead InYaStove-a: In America you hit the bars, in Turkey the bars hit you!
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: rofl
ilyasovahead InYaStove-a: In America you watch television. In Turkey television watches you!
lukeridnourhead Frodo: lol you look like jim carrey in the cable guy when he does his silence of the lambs impression with that mask on.
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: Man, I'm really excited about this team. I really think we can do some damage in the East this year.
andrewboguthead StopCallingMeAndrewBogus: Me too.

/gets injured

michaelreddhead ThreesAndKnees: /has knee fall off
carlosdelfinohead DelIfIkno: /plays like himself
joealexanderhead JoeSchmo: /lol yeah right
scottskilesheads You'reKillingMeSkiles: /head explodes
brandonjenningshead YoungMoney3: Shit.

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6 comments on “Brandon Jennings and the Bucks

  1. Anonymous on said:

    i cant wait till bradley center drunk goes back to miller park drunk. im almost going to start following basketball for the first time in my life and i dont know how i feel about it.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    its a stretch that Brandon Jennings knows who the fuck Michael Cera is?!

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  4. Anonymous on said:

    I didn’t know Brandon Jennings played for the Brewers. Does he have a good curveball?

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