Brett Favre (Brett Favre)

January 18th, 2010

One of the first things we decided when coming up with the idea of Miller Park Drunk was that we would never, ever, under any circumstances write about the Green Bay Packers, football or Brett Favre. I guess some rules were made to be broken.


WAITER: Are you two gentlemen ready to order?

joebuck I think Brett Favre, we are Brett Favre.
waiter Great, what can I get for you?
joebuck I have perused your entire menu and I believe that I absolutely have to go with the Brett Favre.
waiter Great choice sir. Would you like to add Brett Favre to that?
joebuck Definitely. Can I also get a side of Brett Favre? I don't care if it's extra. I love Brett Favre!
waiter Not a problem and how would you like that cooked sir?
joebuck Brett Favre.
waiter Very well and for you sir?
troy_aikman Let me ask you a question, is the Brett Favre good here? Be honest if you don't like the Brett Favre here I won't order it.
waiter Honestly I'm not a big fan of Brett Favre, but other people (none of whom I enjoy talking to) really seem to love it.
troy_aikman Well, you sold me. I'll have the Brett Favre and I'll take a side of Brett Favre as well.
waiter Sounds great. Can I interest you gentlemen in a nice glass of our Brett Favre this evening?
joebuck What type of Brett Favre do you have?
waiter We have Brett Favre, Brett Favre as well as our house specialty Brett Favre that we make right here in house.
troy_aikman I don't normally drink, but I'll definitely have a glass of that Brett Favre.
joebuck Make it two. After a day like today I could go for a good Brett Favre.
waiter Excellent sirs. So that's one Brett Favre cooked Brett Favre add Brett Favre with a side of Brett Favre and a Brett Favre with a side of Brett Favre.
joebuck Perfect.
waiter Great I will be right back with your Brett Favre.
The waiter runs and grabs two glasses of Brett Favre and delivers them to the table.
troy_aikman Let me tell you something, that is good Brett Favre.
joebuck I agree just classic Brett Favre. Thank you for recommending this I am really enjoying it.
troy_aikman This is vintage Brett Favre. You can not find a better Brett Favre in all of the National Football League....cities we travel to.
joebuck You know after everything that has happened a person might think that this Brett Favre was done for, but that person would be wrong. This Brett Favre has gotten a lot better with age.
waiter Just between the first and second sips? Really?
joebuck Yes, Brett Favre is timeless. You know what I see for this Brett Favre? Super Bowl, that's what this man sees.
troy_aikman It's like a kid out there, that's what this Brett Favre is.
waiter Seriously? We don't even actually brew it here. It's just Miller High Life with a different label on the spout.
joebuck This Brett Favre is just out there in the backyards of Mississippi throwing around the ol' pigskin. "No mom, I don't wanna come inside I wanna play with my friends Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin some more."
waiter Well if you say so. I better run and check on your meals.
troy_aikman This is really good Brett Favre.
joebuck I agree. It's classic, vintage, classically vintage in every possible way, shape or form.
troy_aikman You know just watching it reminds how timeless, ageless and unable to get older Brett Favre really is.
joebuck Just a consummate professional, masterful.
troy_aikman So pure and sinless.
joebuck Just a celestial, omnipotent, invincible, mighty, puissant, ambrosial superhuman that is truly transcendental to sit here and watch.
waiter Well it should be just a minute on your food guys. I'm sure you get this sort of thing a lot, but I gotta ask. Who do you like in the NFC championship?
troy_aikman Who's playing?
joebuck I don't really care for sports.
waiter I am so spitting in your food.
terrybradshaw BRETT FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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5 comments on “Brett Favre (Brett Favre)

  1. Anonymous on said:

    …does html work in comments?
    because i laughed but this is on the wall of my office.

    above that overpriced brewers art glass clock.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    This was great….Just dead on… Good job!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I love this… and you for writing it.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Brett Favre Brett Favre Brett Favre!

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