Searching for Miller Park Drunk

September 2nd, 2010

We get a lot of hits from search engines. Almost 3000 last month alone. Sometimes it's people looking for our site who are too lazy to type the address in and other times it's people trying to find pictures of Randy Wolf's girlfriend. Which I love because this is what they find:

That picture gets me every time.

Anyways, some of the search terms are kind of insane and hilarious and we thought it'd be fun to share some of the better ones.

These are all real.

Best of August search terms:

  1. is ryan braun gay?
  2. employment application miller park drunk (Hm?)
  • zack hample douche
  • corey hart jewish
  • does rickie weeks have kids
  • is felipe lopez the cardinals player married
  • ryan braun is gay
  • ryan braun douchebag
  • start charcoal grill windy
  • "peeing the bed" drunken
  • "red-headed stepson" - meaning
  • "spotted cow" hangovers
  • "stadium bathroom", slut
  • "you're getting laid, i'm getting paid, and we're doing it drunk
  • 2 guys having sex in a bathroom
  • "what about your family" "friends" "you suck"
  • 70's movie poster with kid smoking
  • a list of ryan braun's favorite things
  • a-rod shirt off
  • alcohol into baseball water bottle
  • almost hentai
  • alyssa milano drinking
  • average beers drank at a football game
  • baby at a brewers game
  • baby haircuts, waukesha, wi
  • ballpark drunk pee pants
  • baseball player orgy
  • beamer benz or bentley ryan braun
  • beautiful women who go to miller park
  • beer brats dutch oven
  • beers with sexual innuendo
  • bewers slut
  • big tuna milwaukee
  • bill hall drinking
  • bob howry girlfriend
  • bob uecker drunk in booth pictures
  • bobblehead beer drinking female
  • boobs of miller park
  • brewer's drunk blog
  • brewers fan cubs penis
  • brewers zubaz
  • can you have your shirt off at miller park?
  • carlos gomez no future with brewers
  • catfight drinking
  • chris chelios likes bob uecker
  • corey hart admits to not trying
  • cory heart baseball cards
  • did they really find sperm in rod stewarts stomach
  • do all drunks beat their wives
  • do you need tickets for babies at brewers games
  • does rickie weeks have a tatoe
  • doug melvin stupid
  • drink beer three times a week and alka seltzer
  • drunk cubs fans blog
  • drunk cubs fans pictures
  • drunk girl fuck slepp
  • drunk girl in the bathroom sex
  • drunk guys in the washroom
  • drunk ladies that want to fuck
  • drunk priceless
  • drunk sucking puke
  • drunken baseball girls thong
  • dusty baker drunk
  • ed sedar brewers first base coach married?
  • friends having sex in the bathroom --- perfect girls
  • fuck yeah ryan braun
  • funny mexican shirts
  • george kottaras crazy ex
  • girls random halloween costumes
  • good reply to are you still mad
  • got sick after eating at ryan brawns resturant
  • ha ha im drunk and at miller park in milwaukee
  • hey rayan this is me
  • horse sexual innuendos
  • how do people have sex in the bathroom
  • how easy is it to get laid in costa rica
  • how many beers to get a hangover
  • how old are all rod stewarts kids
  • how to find out if remetee shirts is real
  • how to have drunk sex
  • how to sneak alcohol into a theme park
  • how to sneak in booz to wa water park
  • howto have sex with your own hand
  • i get drunk before i have sex
  • i had sex in miller park
  • if im at miller park can i give my son a beer
  • images of people with cigarette and drunk in crowded area
  • is ryan braun fat?
  • isnt it time to fire ken macha
  • joe mauer crotch
  • jon miller espn is a drunk
  • lost glasses at miller park in wisconsin
  • manny parra gay
  • mens lame pants
  • meth slut
  • miller park druk
  • miller park drun
  • milwaukee fuck gay
  • milwaukee orgy
  • movie about crazy people who go on a field trip
  • movie sugar sucked
  • movie sugar why does he quit baseball
  • penis flask for sneaking
  • pitcher from the milwaukee brewers that drank beer
  • polo players with there faimly
  • rapist mustache
  • ryan braun nude
  • ryan braun personal pictures with no shirt
  • sad little girls
  • science why are showers good for hangovers
  • sensual massage near wrigley field
  • sex act youtube
  • shaved cubs chest
  • shirt i don't get drunk get awesome brewers
  • singles night miller park review
  • slutty cubs fans
  • slutty drunks
  • something to do when it's raining in wisconsin
  • statues you can pour liquor into
  • suck drunk boy
  • t h o n g showing
  • the almust nice thing in the life
  • the movie sugar does he turn out to be in the major leagues
  • the trinity a sexual thing among nba players
  • things to do in st. louis when its raining
  • things you could do in the 70s that you can't fo now
  • troy tulowitzki a douchebag?
  • troy tulowitzki douchebag
  • two guys having sex in the bathroom
  • we got high then he wanted me to suck his cock
  • what are some lame insults?
  • what baseball team does zack hample hate
  • what do ppl do to a guy when they are drunk
  • what does ryan braun "need" to eat before every game?
  • what the hell is prince fielder's walk-up song
  • what to do on a drunken night in milwaukee
  • whats a pants party
  • whats the website where people talk about people from milwaukee
  • where can you have a drunk orgy?
  • where does bob uecher live
  • where does cliff lees family live
  • where does prince fielder live in milwaukee
  • where does rickie weeks live
  • why do drunk people dont listen
  • wife sucks park
  • wife waiting drunk in bed
  • worlds sluttiest walk
  • my girlfriend
  • zach braddock dui
  • Once again these are all real searches. Really.

    Okay? Really.

    Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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    6 comments on “Searching for Miller Park Drunk

    1. SconnieGirl808 on said:

      The nearly successive thoughts of #111 and #113 made be throw up. Not even a little, a lot. Gross.

      As for numbers 41 and 119, I need to get me somma them. Srsly.

    2. SconnieGirl808 on said:

      @SconnieGirl808: Made ME – made me throw up.

    3. Anonymous on said:

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    4. Anonymous on said:

      What’s awesome is if you search any of those terms now they keep showing up at the top of the google search.
      It makes me happy, but I still can’t find statues you can pour liquor into

    5. Anonymous on said:

      how did horse sexual innuendos not get a bold?

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