May 09

Does it even matter?

The Cubs enter Miller Park this weekend for a three game series. The two teams sit one game apart the Cubs are 16-12 and the Brewers are 16-13. Based on play thus far this season the Brewers have a 27% chance of making the playoffs while the Cubs have a 24% chance according to BP Playoff Odds. Now, if you get down into the numbers if the Brewers were to sweep the Cubs this weekend they'd be at 19-13 and probably above 30% to make the playoffs while the Cubs would see a serious dropoff. The reverse would also be true. So, the question becomes: does this series matter?

No. It doesn't.

If we have a repeat of last season where the Cubs sweep the Brewers in Miller Park it means absolutely nothing in the long run of the season. They'll be a .500 team with a higher amount of runs scored than runs allowed. The future will still be bright, we'll still have to wear shades.

Do I want the Brewers to win? Of course. That's a stupid question, damn you for asking it... myself. The point is the sky doesn't fall if they don't. They are still talented and on a good pace this season. That beind said, I really hope they win this series. I don't expect this weekend to be like April, I fully expect more Cubs fans than Brewers fans. And that's fine. Just remember what I said about booing and giving back the douche. Now's your time to shine Milwaukee.

I'm off for the weekend, not catching any games til Tuesday as I want to spend some time with my son. He's getting to the age where I can fully explain to him why he shouldn't wear Affliction shirts, call women whores, live in Illinois or boo. That's about 1 and a half right? Have fun out there.

May 09

Famous Cubs Fans

With the Cubs coming into town today, I thought it'd be a good time to look at famous Cubs fans throughout history. This is a team with a rich history of fandom that needs to be appreciated.

The pictorial of some of the more famous Cubs fans is after the jump. Continue reading →

May 09

Norm MacDonald and Bob Uecker are BFF

The idea of Norm MacDonald and Bob Uecker being good friends blows my mind. Not gonna lie.


May 09

Sure we won 15-3 and I personally went 2 for 4 with a homer and 3 RBIs, but

JJ Hardy



May 09

A couple of site updates

Made a couple of adjustments to the site in the past few days.

  • We now have anonymous commenting. From now on you won't have to enter your name, email or anything else just want you want to comment and it will appear as Some Random Drunk. If you want to have your name appear all you have to do is register. We think this will add more discussion to the site and hopefully idiots saying "FIRST!11!"
  • We've also added a twitter-esque featuring where you can comment @ someone. Not sure how this one will work, but thought we'd give it a try.
  • Not really technical, but we are in the beginning stages of planning a Miller Park Drunk meet-up/game at Miller Park (where else?). If this is something you might be inerested in, like this post.
  • Which reminds me, I am obsessed with "liking stuff" on facebook and now whenever you like a post you can like it here too. *thumbs up*
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