What They Drive Is Proof They Should Play Better!!!

By David

With the money ball players make they should play better.  They should spend more time training to get better.  MMA fighters don’t have it as easy as ball players.  From Football, Basketball to Baseball players are making millions to play a game.

Players are buying Escalade’s, Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Porsche and other $100k plus vehicles right and left.  How many people in this world have the ability to do anything close to that?  How many players are flying to Vegas and riding around in limos and dropping thousands of dollars on any given weekend?  The answer is multiple.  With the money ball players are making they should be great full for the life they get to live.  Living in mansions and not having to worry about money is not a rite, but some act like they have the rite.  Can you think back and remember the last time you flew somewhere and was picked up in a limo and had the star treatment?

I just hope the ball players will start to remember that they are being paid to PLAY a game.

There are many things out there that drive people nuts. Here are a few that drive me nuts.

Sorry I had to vent a little.




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