Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

Shop March 10th, 2009

Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

Brewers Statue of Liberty

Brewers Statue of Liberty

BrewBay: Robin Yount’s 3000th hit can

Shop February 23rd, 2009

Do you remember Robin Yount's 3000th hit? It was truly one of the greatest individual achievments in Brewers history and to celebrate this great moment our friends at Coca-Cola released special cans! 12 packs even! Long gone from the shelves, these cans now hold a special value to collectors and fans alike. Now, you can remember this monumental moment in Brewers history by purchasing one of the last remaining cans! The value of this item is likely to continue going up so bid now and secure your can!

Robin Yount Can

(Seller's note: There is just one problem though, I got thirsty and drank the Coke so all value this item might have had is gone. Buy it anyway though. Please?)

Brewbay: Barrel Man bobblehead

Shop February 16th, 2009

In honor of 2009 being the year of white power for Brewers bobbleheads, today we present to you the whitest Brewer of all time. No, it's not Robin Yount it's BARREL MAN!

Brewers Barrel Man!Before politically correct "wisdom" took over Barrel Man was THE premiere mascot in all the land. You see, the Brewers are named so because of Milwaukee being famous for brewing beer. Barrel Man, is a barrel filled with beer with arms, legs, a face and an uppercut swing. The relationship between the team's name and it's mascot is almost too good for words. Not only did Barrel Man play baseball, he also played Santa. Barrel Man did it all. He was, by my estimation, the greatest mascot for anything that has ever existed in past, present or future of all time. To put it mildly.

And you can own him for the starting price of $0.99! That's $14 less than Don Money! $18.90 less than JJ Hardy and comes without a goofy goatee!

Brewbay: Brewers Hemp Necklace

Shop February 12th, 2009

Sure, you can wear a Brewers shirt or a Brewers jersey or a Brewers hat, but if you want to truly show how big of a fan there is only one way to do that: a hemp necklace. Made from the finest of industrial (non-drug use) cannabis, this necklace is a must have for any Brewers fans who wants to say "I like the Brewers" and "legalize it" at the same time.

Let's smoke play two!

At just $7.75 can you really say no to the little Michael Phelps in your life?

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