Mar 10


This is Jason Kendall.

Jason married Chantel. Chantel is pretty smoking hot. Now they are divorced. This is Jason Kendall's ex-wife Chantel.

(Further proof that whole "becoming a professional athlete" thing can really pay off.)

Rod Stewart was a big time rock star. I know at least two people who named their daughter after his hit "Maggie May". I heard a story one time about him having his stomach pumped. This is Rod Stewart. Continue reading →

Jun 09

The fail that is the JSOnline Brewers Fan Photo Gallery

If you haven't had the pleasure chance to see the JSOnline's user submitted Brewers fan photo gallery than you are REALLY missing out. I've invited my good friend Brewers Baby to help me comment on some of these photos.I should warn you, Brewers Baby can get a little vulgar at times. What can I say? He's a baby. He poops his pants and pees himself. Babies are stupid.


BREWERS BABY This is a good look for someone who wants to A) look like a douchebag, B) cook crystal meth, C) date strippers and D) get his f@%kin ass whooped if I ever see him.

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