Fans March 19th, 2009

Brewers have second most annoying fans, Cubs least:

Quickly changed from cuddly, good natured, vaguely Bavarian group to a fat, loud, obnoxious collective of the most fucking annoying people you’ll ever meet – all for one wild card in two years. Can you imagine if they ever actually won something?

Really Cubs fans, Brewers fans are the annoying ones really? Really, the same post that boasts this comment "I am proud to admit that I got into a full out brawl with a Brewers' fan in Milwaukee. I usually don't condone females fighting, but this bitch was asking for it! Kicked her ass...yes sir!" is going to talk about ANY teams fans, come on I mean REALLY!?! Really, the same fans who start singing "Go Cubs Go" in away ballpark's after a win are somehow less annoying than any other team's fan in any sport really? Honestly, have you ever even been to a game in an away park really? Because there is no way anyone on Earth (even Cubs fans) could find Phillies fans LESS annoying than Brewers fans, really! Really same for the Red Sox, come on pink hats really! (Actually, that makes sense.) Let's get serious though it's been a hundred years without a World Series and a there is still an incredible sense of entitlement and general cockiness, I mean come on really. REALLY though shouldn't lack of knowledge and not paying any attention to the game qualify you for at least the bottom ten, really!?! Am I really getting upset over a blogspot named after a Jimmy Buffett song, really!?!

[Wasting Away in Wrigleyville via Brew Crew Ball]

Cubs vs Brewers

Fans March 16th, 2009

Cubs fan:

Cubs fans

Brewers fan:

Brewers fans


A glimpse into the future, a glimpse into the past

Baseball March 11th, 2009


Marmol gave up two runs in the 11th inning to blow a save in the Dominican Republic's 2-1 WBC loss to the Netherlands. Marmol made a key throwing error on a pickoff attempt.

A huge upset loss for the Dominican Republic as they were eliminated from the WBC and a likely emotional blow to Marmol. Still, he has plenty of time to recover for Opening Day.

And the winner for Best Rapist looking mustache in the National League goes to..

Baseball February 17th, 2009


Carlos Zambrano: rapist

(AP Photo)

Couldn't have gone to a better guy.