Dance with me you mustachioed fool

Baseball March 11th, 2009

Walk Off Walk asks the questions: Why haven't baseball players been invited to be on Dancing with the Stars? It's an interesting question seeing as how this season has Steve-O, Steve Jobs' sidekick (also known as Kathy Griffin's rich ex) and famous coke addict Lawrence Taylor. They could clearly use some fresh meat. So, why not baseball players? Famous people don't get anymore well spoken and elegant than Cal Ripken Jr, Robin Yount and Tony Gwynn. These guys would be a ratings bonanza.

Yet, Robin Yount isn't the Brewer I would most like to see on the show. Nor is he the baseball player I think could do more for this show in the long run. No, that player is.... well, do you really even have to ask?

Gorman Thomas

But why stop at Dancing with the Stars? Why not get Gorman on every reality show? The Amazing Race, Survivor, Cheaters, Denise Richards: It's Complicated, The Principal's Office, everything. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that Gorman Thomas would improve every single reality show on television. In fact, I will go so far as to say that he may be reality TV's only hope.

Make it happen ABC.

Why We Write: Gorman Thomas

Baseball February 16th, 2009

Gorman ThomasEverything has a reason. The reason for this site is complicated, but can be summed up in this line from a Jim Caple column on Miller Park.

A reporter told me he once called Gorman about nine in the morning to ask a question on a breaking story and began the interview by apologizing for the early call. “I hope I’m not calling too early,” the reporter said. “Oh, that’s OK,” Gorman replied. “I’m just sitting here in front of the TV eating pizza and drinking beer.”

Combine that with stories about him going into the parking lot at County Stadium before and after games to eat brats and drink beer with the fans, how could you not love this guy and the team that gave him a chance?

(Just for fun here's a career comparison:
Gorman Thomas: .225/.324/.448 1339 SOs (13 seasons)
Mike Cameron: .250/.340/.448 1642 SOs (14 seasons)

I'm not arguing that Cameron is more valuable to this team than Gorman was to his, just making the point that Mike Cameron is not the worst CF ever. Which I have heard many times.)

The game has changed and so have the people playing it, but beards and hair like that don't go away. They last forever. Thank you Gorman Thomas for all that you have given us, we wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for you.

I will now eat pizza and drink beer in front of the TV to honor you.