Ryan Braun on Free Ryan Braun

milwaukee brewers December 12th, 2011

This Ryan Braun stuff is out of control and it is only getting worse. Please try to remember that nothing concrete has come out. The MLB has not publicly commented on this matter and they won't until a decision is made. You have to think they seriously regret that this has ever come out and wish that it never did. All we have to work with is the leaked info and it doesn't really tell us much. Ryan Braun tested for high levels of testosterone. And then he didn't. That's all we really know right now. Before we jump to conclusions we should think long and hard about this. We should consider it from all perspectives. Right now, Ryan Braun's perspective.

Hi, I'm Ryan Braun and that picture you see to your right is me. (Damn, I'm good looking.) I play professional baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers. I am a former first round draft pick who won the National League Rookie of the Year in 2007. I am also a four time Silver Slugger award winner, a four time All-Star and I won the 2011 MVP. Since joining the Brewers in 2007 we have made the playoffs twice, two more times than the Brewers did in the previous 25 years without me.

Outside of baseball, I have business interests in two restaurants in Wisconsin: Ryan Braun's Restaurant in Lake Geneva and Ryan Braun's Graffito in Milwaukee's Third Ward. I endorse a variety of products for Wisconsin businesses and also have a variety of nationwide of endorsements. Surely, you've heard of my Limelight Fusion Energy drinks or my personal line of Affliction shirts called Remetee. The odds are if you are watching TV right now, you will see me. I'm everywhere.

I have built my baseball career and my business career through hard work and protecting my personal brand. I work hard to keep myself out of controversial situations and I am a generally good person with integrity. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, Ryan Braun’s Graffito

milwaukee brewers April 7th, 2011

We've covered Ryan Braun's restaurants in the past (here, here, here and some more in here) and the general consensus has always been that they were decent/okay/whatever. His Third Ward location, despite hiring mostly models, has been troubled and actually closed down last year. It has recently re-opened under a new name, Ryan Braun's Graffito, and it seems that despite the different name the restaurant is still troubled. At least according to this disgruntled craigslist poster.

This poor guy has apparently never worked in a restaurant before. Don't you know all restaurant managers act like children with terrible mood swings? If you want to be appreciated become a teacher. (They get lots of appreciation, right?)

Joking aside, it's a shame to see Ryan Braun associated with a place that is seemingly so poorly run. Sure, he doesn't have much financial stake in it, but the average Joe doesn't know that and just thinks that Ryan is a terrible owner. It's a shame when you think about it. Then again, it's hard to feel sorry for a restaurant named after the singular form of Italian graffiti. I mean, really?