May 09

Brewers flow charts

The Brewers are 13-4 in May and have a three game lead in the National League Central. The next two games are against the Astros. The Happy Youngster deleted his blog. Thanks to links from Deadspin we have had record hits this month. Life is pretty good around here right now. So let's have some fun with flow charts.

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May 09

Sure we won 15-3 and I personally went 2 for 4 with a homer and 3 RBIs, but

JJ Hardy



May 09

And the winner is…

I'll tell you what, it's pretty hard to find stuff to write about when the team you write about goes 8-2 in it's last ten games and doesn't show any sign of stopping. (Hangovers also don't help.) Should be a fun weekend of baseball as the team couldn't look better and Miller Park will be close to full all three games. Exciting times. Now I'm no math genius, but I'm pretty sure the Brewers are currently on pace for 87 wins which puts them right in the thick of things come September. It's early and all, but this isn't the drop off people were predicting and there is definitely room to grow (like if Tiger Beat Hardy could remember how to hit.) Anyways, have fun out there this weekend, we'll be back Monday. Go Crew.

Oh, I guess you also want to know who the winner of the contest for the free tickets to the 5/13 game against the Florida Marlins is. Well congratulations go out to Kari O'neil of Wisconsin. As the winner of this contest you win the two tickets and if you would like the free space to complain/whine/brag/celebrate or whatever about anything you'd like right here on the site. As long as it's Brewers related. I don't want to hear about how big of an asshole your ex-boyfriend was (unless, of course, your ex-boyfriend is JJ Hardy in which case I want to sign you to a book deal.) You may also get the pleasure of sharing a drink with me at this game, although that perk is TBA at the moment.

Thanks to everyone who became a fan or follows us on Twitter. We'll keep bringing the fun as long as you keep reading it.

Apr 09

Game Thoughts: Thoughts of the Game LOLBREWERS edition

Not much to say about yesterday's game really. They lost, badly. What better time to debut a new feature, LOLBREWERS.




Apr 09

Reason to be happy: JJ Hardy

JJ Hardy

With everyone being all doom and gloom (gloom, by the way, is a melancholy, depressing, darkness, shade or despondent atmosphere) about the first nine games of the season. I thought now might be a good time to shine some life on the good things going on with the Brewers. Like Corey Hart learning to take pitches and Rickie Weeks looking like Rickey Henderson. Today's reason to be happy is JJ Hardy.

JJ Hardy has hit home runs in his last two games. You don't have to be a 16 year old girl (or obese) to think this is a good thing.

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