Good morning, state I live in

Baseball March 2nd, 2009

Here's what you missed over the weekend while making up stories about contraction.

WBC apparently stands for We Bad at Catching: USA replaces terrible OF Brad Hawpe with terribler one in Adam Dunn.

It's still better than Pilot Inspektor: Matt Gamel has a kid, gives it old lady name.

This is like the plot of a Zac Efron movie: Craig Counsell is trying out a new stance because the one he used for the past 14 years wasn't getting it done.

I understand the Brewers made the playoffs last season?: Brewers set a sales record on Saturday.

Jim Bowden and Jose Rijo prepare for multi-state crime spree: We'll miss you, terrible General Manager guy.

I don't have a coffee table, just use this empty beer case: Ex-Brewers Head of Scouting invites Adrian Beltre to move in.

The missing piece of the puzzle added: Cubs fans can rejoice because their World Series drought is going to come to an end with the signing of Corey Koskie.

This time, I will pitch with my entire left leg covered in blood: Curt Schilling wants to be a hero and take another long suffering team to the World Series. Like the Cubs or the Rays. You know because the Rays have that curse that has lasted ten years. I called it "The Stocker".

CC and Joba break Woody, Buzz: Sabathia and Chamberlain checked out the new Toy Story ride at Disney World. That cart must be made out of adamantium if it can hold those two.

There was also some games of some sort, but I refuse to acknowledge them. The Brewers aren't the Brewers without Vinny Rottino and Mark DiFelice who are off representing their "country".

What up Wisconsin?

Baseball February 23rd, 2009

Mike CameronWhat you might have missed while struggling to come to terms that Wolverine is really a song and dance man.


Wake up, Wisconsin

Baseball February 16th, 2009

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I'm still hung over from the weekend. That's okay though, nothing a beer in the shower can't fix (I'm only kidding (sort of). Today is a pretty big day for me because it's the first day season ticket holders get to buy extra tickets to games! I really shouldn't be this excited to spend a few hundred dollars on things that I won't get to use for a few months now, but what can I say I love going to that place.

In case you're like me and drop off the face of the Earth on the weekends, here's what you missed.

I've got about a half hour until tickets go on sale, so I have to run off and prepare. These links should keep you occupied for awhile. We should be back later, so stay tuned.