Local Ned Yost Fan Somewhat Excited About The Royals

Baseball October 16th, 2014

ned-yostMilwaukee, WI-- As the Kansas City Royals reach their first World Series in nearly twenty years, local 34-year old Griffin Hogan told reporters Wednesday that he always knew this would happen and that the Brewers "totally dropped the ball on Yost," saying that he wishes they would've never let him go.

Hogan, who works mostly nights as a pizza delivery driver, said that after listening to parts of the Royals clinching win over the Orioles he thinks that Ned Yost may be the greatest manager in all of baseball.

"I only really heard the first inning and a little bit near the end, Wednesdays are kinda busy at the Pizza Man, but it just seemed like everything Yost did was working. He seems like a real baseball genius," said Hogan, who added that he usually goes to one or two Brewers games a year when he gets the free tickets from BP. "I haven't really been paying much attention to baseball over the past couple of years though. I'm more of a football guy, big time Packer fan over here. Is Ben Sheets still on the Brewers?"

"The thing I liked about Yost is that he played for the Brewers and then he coached them later on," Hogan told reporters, "I though that was really cool."

According to Hogan, the strategy that he used was good old fashioned baseball and it reminded him of the type of things they used to do on his little league team. "Back then," he remembered, "we'd do anything to score some runs. It didn't matter who was up or who was pitching, we just tried to score and if you could throw a strike, you could pitch. We really had no idea what we were doing, but it was fun."

Following the game, the local man was so excited that he went onto his Facebook page and posted "Way to go Royals! World Series! #YOSTED" The post received four likes and two comments, one which read "i thought u wre a Brewers fan dude" and another which read "hell yea!" At press time, Hogan had not responded to either comment.

"I didn't even know they were still playing baseball. How long does it go? I feel like when I was a kid the World Series was in like August. Is that right?" said a surprised Hogan, who admitted he was just looking for some Packers talk radio. "I like to listen to the callers and see what they have to say. I never call myself, but maybe one day I will. I've got a lot of strong opinions about Mike McCarthy. And don't even get me started on Dom Capers. They should've fired him years ago."

When asked if he will be watching the World Series to cheer for Yost and the Royals, Hogan said "If there aren't any Packers games on or any good songs on 102.1, I'll probably put it on the radio while I'm working," adding "It'd be cool for Yost to win, but I'm not like making special plans or anything."

Calling for the head of Ken Macha

Baseball September 10th, 2009

ken machaI am not a person who blames a manager for the success of a team. The job of a manager isn't that hard and in the grand scheme of things he doesn't really have a huge effect on the team's results. It's not like people are sitting around saying "he batted Cameron fifth and Hart sixth, if he had just flip flopped them we wouldn't have lost 14-6 to the Nationals!" there is really only so much the guy can do. All he can really do is pencil people in and hope they do the job.

I don't blame Macha for this season. I blame injuries for this season. I can't think of one game that Macha has either won or lost. He is a basic, by the book manager and not all that different than Ned Yost. Before this week I really had no reason or desire to care if he was the team's manager or not. Now? Fire him.

Fire him, fire him, fire him, fire him. Read the rest of this entry »

Tonight is what it means to be young

Baseball May 29th, 2009

In some ways you could say that the Reds are the new Brewers. Young talent up and down the lineup. Exciting prospects, endless possibilities. The only difference is when the Brewers were young and upcoming they had a manager in Ned Yost whose sole job was to make them comfortable and make them into steady Major Leaguers by letting them work their way through trouble. The Reds? They are managed by Dusty Baker. Who has ruined a few pitchers career in his life and prefers players like Corey Patterson over unproven youngsters. Say what you will about Ned Yost, but I am happy we've never had a Dusty Baker-esque manager around these parts. We wouldn't be where we are without him. If you don't believe me just ask Mark Prior. Or Aaron Harang.

Should be a good series this weekend. All three pitching matchups are good. I was at both losses to the Cardinals and it wasn't very fun, but at the same time I did see a few signs of life and the day off had to have helped. I might go to the game tomorrow night, haven't decided yet, but if you do have a few for me and when you hear the Ultimate Warrior music during Todd Coffey's entrance have a few more. It's all we ask for really.

Next week should be fun as we're rolling out another cool new feature. Until then, I'm going to eat some mexican food and drink some beer. Have a good one.

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