The Miller Park Drunk E-Mail Show with Al of Al’s Ramblings, Part 2

Baseball June 3rd, 2009

chevychaseshowWe now bring you part two of our e-mail conversation with Al of Al's Ramblings for The Miller Park Drunk E-Mail Show. Part two is a bit longer than part 1 as we get into Rickie Weeks, Mike Cameron, post-2009, potential trades, JJ Hardy, Manny Parra and the future of the team. We started to hit a groove towards the end there and we're happy with the results. This is probably the most actual analysis you'll ever see us do, so enjoy it while you can.

MPD: Bill Hall is a great example of casual fans not thinking things through. Bill Hall was beloved for hitting those 35 home runs, then was considered an overpaid let down (both with the bat and the glove) as a center fielder. Last season he was routinely booed, the fans wanted Branyan and his numbers didn't do much to prove anyone wrong. Now here we are in 2009 and he's the same player he was last year, but now he should be the starting second baseman. How does that make sense?
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Alyssa Milano previews the upcoming series

Baseball April 24th, 2009

Alyssa MilanoSometimes I don't feel like writing and since I'm young and hip, I can call my other young and hip friends to fill in for me. Smart, intelligent, baseball fans who are happy to do it. Like the star of Charmed and Charles in Charge Who's The Boss?, Alyssa Milano!

Hiya! I know what ur probably thinking, like omigod what is she doing here? Shouldn't she be acting in some super successful movie or attending some glitzy red carpet event? What you might not know about me, Alyssa Milano, is that I love baseball! Like so much! I even wrote a book about it. Now I know youare all huge fans and probably have like a million questions for me so I'll just try to get a few of the big ones out of the way.
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A picture worth a thousand words

Fans April 13th, 2009

Remember that whole rant we did against jerseys with your own name on them? Remember how we also complained about people wearing Packers gear to games? If you haven't read those posts, this about sums it up.

Dumb Brewers fan in a Favre Brewers jersey

Thanks to my friend Emily for forcing me to take a picture of this and the guy in the picture for thinking that I was taking it because I thought he was cool. Whoops, sorry guy. If you're reading this I just want you to know that it's not, you're not and I hope you spill mustard on it. I wouldn't pee in your ear if your brains were on fire.

Green Bay Packers

Fans April 2nd, 2009

I hate Packers fansOne of the commenters brought this up in our Dress for Success post and I felt that I needed to touch on it. The commenter, who I believe is from Right Field Bleachers (and if it's not, they made the same point), had this to say:

And No PACKERS shit….period !!!

This isn’t football season….I’ve wanted to puke for years on how many #4 jerseys or Packer Starter jackets would grace the crowd on opening day.

Get a clue…people.

You see here's the thing. Last season I was at what I consider to be the greatest game I have ever seen in my life. You know the one, there's a DVD of it. The picture of Ryan Braun from the game is on EVERYTHING. I had an amazing time and I didn't even drink (stupid designated driving). I was with three of my close friends and the game was almost perfect. There were, in my mind, only two problems with this day and this memory:

  1. Cubs Fans
  2. Packers fans

Now, in a way the Cubs fans weren't that bad. Once Braun hit that home run, they hit the road and stopped being annoying. Letting the fans have their moment. The thing that pissed me off was that they were even there in the first place. If my team had clinched and the team their playing was on the verge of clinching, I'd put my tickets up for sale. That's just good business. Anyways, the Cubs fans weren't the biggest problem. The biggest problem was the Packers fans.

There was a sea of Packers jerseys, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was this:

Two outs.
Mike Cameron on first base.
The season hanging in the balance.
Ryan Braun steps up to the plate.

And the crowd is going nuts. People are jumping up and down, screaming, Cubs fans are filing out the door at a frantic pace. Miller Park is a mad house at this point and everyone is out of there mind, this guy sitting behind me taps me on the shoulder in the pandemonium and I high five him. But he wasn't looking for a high five. He wanted to ask me a question. He wanted to ask me if I knew the score of the Packers/Buccaneers game.

Seriously? You're at one of the biggest games in Brewers history and just witnessed probably the biggest moment in Brewers history and you're asking me about the Packers? Really?

Suffice to say, I'm not the biggest fan of Packers fans.