The Weeks of the Storm

milwaukee brewers September 6th, 2011

I just read this. So I wrote this awesome awful average? come on give me average poem.

It's my site, I do what I want.

It is coming and it is loud.
It is strong and it is proud.
It is coming, it has vowed.
It is not a call that can be dropped.
More like a train that will not be stopped.
Or a bubble that just won't pop.

Like a tornado, throwing things around.
Like an earthquake, tearing up the ground.
He is both and he is none.
He's like a hurricane that makes you run.
He is your hopes and your dreams.
Your tears and your screams.
You love him, but he don't love you too.
It doesn't matter because he'll make your dreams come true.

He'll be back soon in a limited role,
but the whole he will fill,
Could fill my soul.
Rickie's on his way so you better get ready.
Weeks is coming back, it's time to rock steady?

"Steady rockin' all night long"?
That is a song by the Whispers,
But Rickie Weeks won't be quiet.
His return is much more likely to cause a riot.

In my pants.


Why We Don’t Write: Seth McClung

Baseball February 3rd, 2010

A lot of people ask me why we don't update the site as regularly as we used to. Sometimes there will be a post for every day of the week and other times a whole week will go by with nothing. Are we tired of doing the site? Are you too busy? Are we lazy? The truth is that we (why do I always do that? Everyone knows it's only me, but I still call it we all the time. Stupid deadspin.), I don't like to write stuff unless *I* think that it's good. Unless I was the reader and I would enjoy reading it. Sometimes this means that we go a week or more without anything and sometimes that last thing that went up wasn't that good. It's just the way it is. Luckily, I have the luxury to do that because I own my own site and I do this mainly as a hobby. Other people are not so lucky and have to post, whether they feel inclined or not. Luckily for them, they can just post the news and don't really need to be "creative" in their writing. We don't do the news, therefore we can get away with posting sporadically. That's a good rule, I think. People who do the news, should do the news and do it often. People who do the more creative stuff, should do creative stuff and take their time. The problem becomes when the news people try to do the creative stuff because most of the time it doesn't turn out well. Like David Caruso trying to act in movies or Corey Hart trying to pull out.

Take for instance this "poem" by KLSnow of Brew Crew Ball. Now, I like KL Snow. I'm his friend on facebook (not that I've ever commented on anything he posts (I don't really know and/or care about macaroni and cheese recipes or his wiener dog, but that's nothing personal against him. Just the way it is.) and since our inception he has given us a lot of link love (almost 9500 to date), but that poem is bad. Really bad. An EPIC FAIL as the kids would say. Let's read it again, FJM style: Read the rest of this entry »