Apr 09

The season is over, but at least we have this to look forward to

I actually had someone say to me yesterday "if we can't beat the Reds, we're done." This is the eighth of one sixty two by the way, roughly 5% of the season. The Brewers are on pace to finish 77-84 and that is just not good enough to make the playoffs. We had a good run. So while the season may be over, at least we have these great individual seasons to look forward to because everyone knows what happens in the first week is what happens for the entire season.

Corey Hart: 69 Homeruns/115 walks/115 RBI/0 SB/.307 BA
Rickie Weeks: 23 HRs/23 BBs/23 SBs/92 RBIs
Mike Cameron: 23 HRs/46 SBs/Career High .298 BA
JJ Hardy: 23 HRs/115 RBIs to go with a .106 BA
Ryan Braun: 46 SBs unfortunately he hits 0 HR
Yovanni Gallardo: 23-23/6.93 ERA
Jeff Suppan: 0-46/12.89 ERA

So we got that going for us.

Mar 09

Links for a spring morning

Holy cow, is it nice out there or what? I went shopping for softball gloves yesterday and was too hot in my pants. Crazy. Speaking of softball, what is the deal with that? This is my first year joining a league and there are multiple ball sizes. Seriously? Is this a tremendous difference between a slow pitched 12.5 inch ball and a 14 inch? Is this really necessary for me to have different sized gloves?

On to the links..

Anthony Witrado's English Adventures Continued...: Al points out another classic A-Dub mistake. I love that it's Al pointing it out because he is quick to point out that he's no English major himself.

USA beats itself by slaughter rule: I remember when I was in little league and we lost a game once by slaughter rule. Even though I was 0-3 I still wanted to fight every single one of my teammates for letting this happen. I hope Youkilis doesn't feel the same way, he could probably do it.

Wait a minute, why am I talking about this?: BRAUN IS INJURED??!? I HATE THE WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC!!! I HATE THE DUTCH!!!

You know who else hates the Dutch? Matt Lindstrom: The WBC is no longer fun and games.

Brewers too reliant on home runs: You know, because that strategy worked so horribly for the Phillies.

Bill James wants a piece of me: Bill James comments on Rickie Weeks. I'm going to comment more on this later, but I'll give you a preview: I am going to challenge a 59 year old man to a fight.

Mets owners are greedy, jerks: Shocking, no?

We'll be back with more later. (A lot more actually.) Until then if you want links done right check out Brew Crew Ball who have been very kind to us in our short existence. (Sidenote: Does it bother anyone else that the Brewers and Cubs blogs on SB Nation both are initialized BCB? That bugs the crap out of me.)

Mar 09

Who ya got in the WBC?

USA USA USA USA USAThe other day a friend of mine asked me who I was taking in the World Baseball Classic and I just looked at him with disgust and disdain and another negative word that starts with d. Is this even a serious question? I'm supposed to "pick" a favorite team to watch? Really?

The answer is no, I'm not and you're not. We already have a team. Unless you were born in Chinese Tapei or Korea or Australia or Canada, then you should be rooting for the United States of America. If you were born in Mexico or Dominican Republic or anywhere in that bracket and you live in America now, you should be rooting for the USA. Why? Because you left there to come here! To better your life! You owe us your cheers!

This isn't really something that is open to discussion with me and I quote the great Kenny Powers when I say:

"Sure, I've been called a xenophobe, but I'm not. I just think that America is the best country and all the other countries are not as good. That used to be called patriotism."

Yeah, what he said.

Not only that, but Ryan Braun is on Team USA! A-Rod isn't! What's not to like about this team? (Besides Adam Dunn, of course.) NOTHING! They're Americans! Proud, patriotic Americans playing America's game.

Now if America were to be eliminated I'd probably have to go with Japan just because of Ichiro, but if they were eliminated? I would actively cheer for this thing to be over so that the real season could start.

Home opener five weeks from today!

Feb 09

Shouldn’t be signing some kids balls somewhere?

I kind of piled on Ryan Braun this week with my post about his shirt line and his interview about A-Rod. I really like him as a player and barring injury he'll go down as one of the greatest Brewers of all time. If Alex Rodriguez has taught us anything though, it's that being awesome at baseball doesn't exclude you from being made fun of. It actually makes you ripe for the pickings, even when we love you. With that being said, here is Ryan Braun and Marissa Miller's Remington commercial. Quite possibly one of the poorliest written things in the history of time.

We should have a couple small posts up over the weekend, but nothing major until Monday. Have a fun weekend and let's hope this snow continues to melt. We're still over a month away from actual games, but the WBC starts in about two weeks. Then it's a couple spring training games, fantasy drafts and next thing you know we're tailgating. Get excited this is going to be a fun season.

Feb 09

Oh, Ryan

Ryan Braun's douchtastic teesNot gonna lie, I spent most of my day yesterday drinking and watching a video about kittens. I guess that's the curse of spring training. There's stuff going on, but there is nothing really going on. It can get a little tiring, maybe not 82 year old wrestler killing his roommate tiring, but tiring nonetheless.

The top story on the official site (and many fan sites) is Ryan Braun's new line of clothing. Which is totally douchetastic if you ask me. Here's what Ryan thinks about it:

Braun hopes that its bright colors and friendlier graphics offer an answer to the dark, drab designs popular until now.

Because nothing says friendly like a bright red skull with a crown on it.

One of the investors in this project is the Affliction guy (shocking!) and those shirts legacy speaks for itself. The shirt pictured above is selling for $118 making me like people who wear them even less. I'm positive that this will have absolutely no effect on their likelihood to sell out at The Buckle.