Winter Meeting Madness

December 8th, 2009

randywolfSo, you've probably noticed this site has been kind of quiet as of late. I think I actually saw a little dust collecting on the header. You're probably thinking that Miller Park Drunk is another in the long line of Brewers blogs that got tired of doing it and closed up shop without ever telling anyone, but I assure you that is not the case here. Why would we quit when Seth McClung is thanking the author by name and apologizing for his typing? (You're forgiven.) Why would I quit when there are all these chicks dying to sleep with me? Why would I quit when Ryan Braun's restaurant hasn't even opened yet? Clearly, the world isn't ready to let us quit.

No, the reason you haven't been reading much here lately is because we don't write about bullshit. (Unless, of course, we are the ones making up said bullshit.) I don't want to speculate about silly rumors and then find out later that they weren't true. I don't want to attack an acquisition that never happens. It's just not our style.

The thing with these rumors is they are always ridiculous. Doug Melvin could be in line at a Starbucks where Mark Mulder has been working as a barista and all of the sudden we are on the verge of signing him. It seems like we have more people covering the winter meetings this season than ever before and with that many people everyone is struggling for an angle. Players are being linked to teams, just to be linked to teams and it has nothing to do with fact. Team A needs a pitcher, Player Y IS a pitcher. On and on it goes and it's mostly a waste of our time. Sure, it's fun to speculate but I prefer to save that conversation for the bar and the regular season.

With that being said I have to say I am thoroughly unimpressed with the players the Brewers have been linked to thus far this offseason. Randy Wolf? Way to show you didn't learn a thing from Suppan, Doug. (Admittedly, that picture sways me a bit into liking him.) Kevin Gregg? KEVIN GREGG!? Really? Really?! You know he's terrible, right? Charlie Zink? Ummm, okay. The only thing to intrigue me is the John Maine for Hart trade rumor which would be sweet if only because Corey Hart could re-enact his favorite scenes from The Cowboy Way. (Oh, and John Maine would be about the same as Randy Wolf except younger and cheaper with more upside.) That's the one rumor I want to be true which means it will be the rumor that doesn't become true. The rumor that will become true? Cameron to the Cubs. I hate the winter meetings.

So when the Brewers actually sign someone, don't worry I'll be here with 800 words to make fun of Randy Wolf, Mark Mulder and everyone else. Until then? Let's not waste our time, okay?

Vince Morales is the guy who runs this site. He likes the Milwaukee Brewers, pro wrestling and beer. If he offended you he is very, very sorry.

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3 comments on “Winter Meeting Madness

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Yes, but when you waste time, it is funny!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Congrats on getting tweeted by name. He even spelled it correctly.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    How about a story on the fact that Macha says the Brewers will be a running team next year. I’d like to see a “faces” about what these guys are running from. Parra should be easy – He’s running from Princes’ fists.


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